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Writing has been a part of all of my adult life. Having written for pleasure and professionally for various journals, I'm delighted to publish books on subjects I'm passionate about and if they help and inspire just one person, it was all worth it.

Tabby x

Tabby Kerwin

The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance

Tabby Kerwin


Kindle Edition





This book takes Tabby's personal experiences to help you find a sustainable way to get mentally fit again and by giving your mind space, time and support, create a strategy that works not just for mental fitness, but for your professional, business and private life.

The strategy is: The Three Ps…. also known as Possibility, Productivity & Performance. It starts with you believing you can make something happen, creating a plan to make it happen and then actually making it happen.

Kindle diy wedding pic

A Guide to Your DIY Wedding

Tabby Kerwin


Kindle Edition



A 'How To Guide' from a wedding professional with everything you need to know to create your own perfect wedding.

Based on years of experience and working with many couples and professionals, Tabby Kerwin has created this 'How To Guide' for every couple planning their own wedding.

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