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Music for Brass Band - Solos with Brass Band

all music priced at £20 for parts and score

Carnival of Venice

Herbert Clarke arr: Simon Kerwin


Genre: Bb Cornet & Brass Band

Level: 4

Notes: Herbert Clarke's setting of these famous variations.

Ave Maria

Kashif. arr: Simon Kerwin


Genre: Eb Cornet & Brass Band

Level: 3

Notes: Beautiful music from Kashif as sung by Lesley Garrett.

Cavaliere dell'Euphino

Simon Kerwin


Genre: Euphonium & Brass Band

Level: 4

Notes: Original composition for Euphonium to show off its versatilty. Great for concerts.

View View Click to access vault of around 100 solos for every section of the brass band during COVID-19

Mode for... Solos! (Books 1, 2 and 3)

Simon Kerwin


Three albums with 10 solos each for musicians of grade 2 - 6 levels. Follow the link for more details.

Mode for... Solos! Click Here