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Mental Health

We all have mental health: sometimes it is 'good' health and sometimes it is 'ill' health.


Brass bands can have a massive impact on mental health in both positive and negative ways and I am championing the cause for better mental health support for all our brass band musicians to help you find your resilience and strength.


Through talks, workshops, presentations, writing and practical resources I am working with organisations and individuals to promote better mental health in brass bands and showing you how you can become more aware, spot signs of mental ill health and support yourself and your musicians.


Much Love

Tabby xxx

Mental Health in Brass Bands

Resource Handbook

Created by Tabby Kerwin

Price: £20


This downloadable Resource Handbook based on information from Mental Health First Aid England with printables from the charities Mind and Music Support, this handbook has been especially written for brass band musicians by Tabby Kerwin to raise awareness of mental health in brass bands, give practical advice and support on how to spot signs of mental ill health, how to approach individuals with signs of mental ill health and how to support yourself and all your fellow musicians to bring more resilience, good mental health and wellbeing into the bandroom.

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