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"... on the Mind"

Here's a Resilience High-5!

By modefor, Apr 6 2020 09:57AM

I’ve written about the importance of resilience a lot… and I will continue to do so! But today I thought I’d give you a quick Resilience High-5.

Resilience is not just strength, but the ability to be stretched and then return to form… (think Elastigirl from The Incredibles – one of my heroes because she is resilient AF!)

Resilience is the ability to be flexible, to bounce back, to manage stress, to cope positively and to keep going regardless of what you’re faced with. It is buoyancy (I guess with an ass like Elastigirl’s you’d be particularly buoyant?!).

Resilience is the power to return to form after being bent, compressed and stretched, mentally and physically.

The more resilient you become, the stronger you feel and vice versa.

But the form you bounce back too doesn't have to be the old shape, it can be a new form.

Resilience is about accepting and moving forwards.

This is why working on your mental (and physical) resilience is so important for your health and wellbeing. Being mentally resilient, flexible, stretchy, malleable, whatever word, you want to use, will stand you in good stead. You will deal with personal, financial and professional issues much better.

Being resilient will help you learn and flourish from situations and not be broken by them.

Being resilient will help with your mental health and help you be stronger for others.

You can read about more ways to develop your resilience in my article “Coping Strategies for Anxiety” on my “… On the Mind” blog, but for now, here’s my Resilience High-5.

• Reflect

• Time-out

• Focus

• Create

• Move


Look at what you’ve got through already in your life; if you’re reading this now then that means you’ve got through some stuff so you are already resilient. Appreciate that and be grateful for all you’ve achieved.

Once you look back at things you can change the narrative going forwards; in effect you can choose not only how to live your life, but choose your mindset and how you respond and act to situations without reacting.

You can face your fears, release regrets, cultivate forgiveness of yourself and others you feel may have done wrong to you and you can learn the lessons to help you develop your strength and resilience.


Taking time-out from the busy world, both online and physically, is a good thing. Don’t keep doing things out of habit or impulse.

It is OK and great to do nothing sometimes; we don’t always have to be striving forwards. Being mindful of what’s going on right now and slowing down is good for your mind, body and spirit.

Take time-out for your mental and physical health and to digest what you have learned from your reflection. If things aren’t always working for you, taking a break can really help and don’t be afraid to make changes.


Reflection done, time-out taken, now it’s time to focus on how you have got through the tough things so far and how you can develop those skills.

Show yourself plenty of self-compassion and pass that empathy and self-compassion on to others.

Focus on yourself and what you need for your optimum mental and physical health and wellbeing. This is about you and what works for you. Don’t be afraid if it’s different to the needs of others. This is about you and doing the things you love and that make you feel good.

From walking to meditating, cooking to music, finding new and old things you love to do are therapy for the soul.


Creating and being creative are important for confidence, flexibility and happiness to name just a few reasons.

You have the means to create yourself, your life, what and how you do things and you shouldn’t be shy of ‘re-doing’ you at any time. Passions and values change as we learn and grow, so create yourself as you go along.

Create a plan of what you want, what you need and how you can implement that and combined with an element of letting things ‘be’ and ‘happen’, you can really bump up your resilience levels.

Having a creative outlet will also help you gain confidence to be the best version of you which you can love.


With your armoury of developed skills, it’s time to move.

Literal physical movement will help to give your mind clarity, improve your wellbeing and mental and physical health but it’s also time to move in a different way; forwards with your life.

There is no speed guidance for this, as long as the direction is forwards, you do you and move at your speed to achieve the satisfaction that you need and want.

It’s your life on your terms. Work on your resilience and you can navigate life and all its ups and downs with a little more confidence and ease.

Want to chat about your resilience more? Message me for a short 1-2-1 power call.

Much Love

Tabby xxx

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