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Reflect: Right, Reset or Redo?

By modefor, Jul 1 2020 11:36AM

Today, 1st July, marks the start of the second half of the year, so what better time than now to step back, check in with yourself and see where you are at with your goals and visions and take the action to keep moving forwards?

Whether it’s your wellbeing, finances, career or personal life, it’s a long time since we made those commitments to ourselves back on 1st January!

What’s more, we’ve all developed, learned and changed so much since then; are our goals and visions still right for us?

What did you commit to in January? What were your goals and visions for the year? Were you going to focus on your wellbeing or set-up a business? Were you going to write a book or plan a wedding? What was on your ‘To Do’ list?

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster so far with the curve balls of global pandemics and economic downfalls to navigate as well as our own minds and life to keep control of.

It’s tough… it can be overwhelming…but we need to remind ourselves that we still hold the reins to guide us through our own lives.

Take the opportunity when you’ve read this blog to stop and reflect on the year so far and ask yourself and write down how you’re feeling about it all. Also ask yourself if you’re still on track for feeling satisfied in achieving those goals and visions.

If you’re feeling great and still bang on track, great! Well done, that’s amazing everything is right for you. Now ask yourself how you can double down and commit to making the second half of the year even more awesome.

If you’ve stopped, reflected and still want to commit to the same goals but feel like you’ve been slightly knocked off track, that’s fine, don’t panic, all is not lost. You’re aware of where you’re at and by being aware and acknowledging that fact, you’ve just given yourself the power and motivation to hop back on the train ride to happiness. Hit reset and let’s go.

If you’ve reflected, checked in and realised that what you wanted six months ago isn’t part of your game plan now, then that’s absolutely fine. It’s definitely a positive thing because you’ve taken the time to notice, reflect and realise how much you’ve changed and developed and you can focus on what’s right for your NOW.

You’re not judging yourself on your past and you’re ready to hit the redo button.

It’s perfectly OK to redo you at any time. ‘Redos’ are good and perfectly allowed – give yourself permission to ‘Redo You’. This shows you’re in tune with yourself, what’s been, what you want and most importantly, how you feel right now.

That’s showing improved emotional fitness.

Now you’ve reflected, where are you currently? Right, Reset or Redo?

Want to join me for some emotional fitness group coaching? Ask me about signing-up to ‘The Pod’.

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