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"Music, writing and sharing stories is what made us happy and I'm delighted to share that with you."

In November 2018 my husband, the fabulously funny and talented musician Simon Kerwin, suddenly died after a short but successful battle with cancer. However, he was caught out on a treatment related technicality.

Simon was a well known musician as a performer on tuba, conductor, adjudicator, trainer and writer, living and working around the world. He was also Bandmaster of the Nottinghamshire Band of the Royal Engineers, the band he launched and developed to become one of the finest in the British Military.

Simon left me not only with years of happy life, marriage and memories, but thousands of pieces of music he had composed and arranged, over 600 of which are in publication.

Since 2008, the business we developed together, Mode for... has published music by Simon and his wish has always been to have the music available on instant delivery so bands could regularly have access to new music in order to improve and make rehearsals more varied and fun with a larger turnover of music; so I'm making that wish come true.

All music you select on this website you will be able to pay for and immediately download and print out. Not only does this mean more music easily and quickly accessible to you, it also means that we can keep our price point to a really affordable level, meaning more pennies for more music!

Check out our music for brass and concert band, plus ensemble music, music for band and choir and plenty of solos to get lots of musicians on their feet and performing. There's also lots of music for beginner musicians and this was Simon's passion to encourage more musicians to play brass instruments. His legacy is huge and his life and passion will continue through his music.

I'll be regularly adding new music and launching a music club so you can receive a piece a month at discounted rates.

As for the books side of Mode for... Publishing... whilst Simon did the music, I always wrote the words and I'm excited to be in the throws of completing three more books which will be available soon on subjects ranging from mental health, living with cancer, happiness, business and wedding planning the stress free way.

Here at Mode for... Publishing there really is something for everyone so please browse, enjoy and share.



Tabby Kerwin


Mode for... Publishing is the creative home of the Kerwin name, featuring music composed and arranged by Simon Kerwin and books written by Tabby Kerwin.


Browse, enjoy and share. You will find something for everyone here!

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